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Cuisinart DGB-650BC 10 cup Automatic Coffee Maker (Grind and Brew)

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If you are a true fan of Coffee, you will love everything about this Cuisinart Automatic coffee maker from its beautiful brushed metal body, sleek control panel with its outstanding features.

This 10 cups automatic coffee maker has a built-in bean grinder that automatically grinds the beans before brewing a fresh cup of coffee. But in case you prefer using pre-ground coffee, you can turn off the grinder by pressing the Grind Off button that does provide the control panel.

It also includes the entirely programmable features such as Auto-shutoff that automatically shuts off the machine when brewing is complete;

Brew pause allows you to pause brewing and enjoy a cup of coffee at your own time and choosing one to four cup setting improves the flavor, temperature, and extraction when less than five cups of coffee to brew.

The machine includes a carafe that is double-wall, thermal, stainless-steel and thus keeps coffee hot and fresh for long hours.

This modern invention is the latest thing that needs to adorn your kitchen. It’s time to wake up to a fresh cup of coffee, every time with this automatic coffee maker that does everything for you from grinding, filtering to finally pouring an aromatic cup of coffee for you.


  • The machine is easy to use and clean, and so it is virtually maintenance free.
  • The model allows the user to choose the strength of their coffee.
  • It is completely automatic and makes use of fully programmable features.
  • The product includes a limited three-year warranty.


  • The coffee making machine is loud, especially the grinding unit.
  • The device does not last too long.
  • There have been some reviews about the coffee having a plastic taste.

  • Effortless
  • Durability
  • Design
  • Price
  • Editor's Rating

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