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Conair Cuisinart DGB-700 BC 12 cup coffee maker (Grind and Brew)

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Whether you want a cup of coffee for yourself or a couple of friends together, you will only get a freshly ground, brewed-to-perfection cup of coffee every time from Conair Cuisinart DGB-700 BC!

It is an utterly programmable coffee maker that can brew 12 cups of coffee at one time. The built-in grinder will grind the coffee automatically before it does filter and poured into your cup. The grind control function also makes it easier to find the amount of coffee that needs to grounds for any particular number of cups ranging from 2 to 12.

While the auto shut-off feature automatically shuts off the unit when not in use, the brew-pause function allows you to enjoy your cup of coffee by pausing brewing in between.

You can choose the strength of your coffee and select the number of cups you want to brew right on the control panel that has a sleek design and a smart LCD.

The two coffee filters that do include ensure that every cup of coffee is crisp and full of flavor.


  • It is a 24 hour fully programmable coffee maker that has a capacity of 12 cups.
  • It has a built-in grinder that also grinds the coffee beans before filtering it.
  • The user of the machine can finally select the strength of their coffee which is an excellent thing for many coffee lovers.
  • It has several user-friendly features such as brew pause and auto shut-off.
  • It had a beautiful, sleek design in black and brushed chrome that will easily complement the interiors of any kitchen.


  • It has too many parts that do its cleaning and maintaining difficult.
  • The unit is a bit oversized for most of the kitchens.

  • Effortless
  • Durability
  • Design
  • Price
  • Editor's Rating

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